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About Dirty Fur Clothing About Dirty Fur Clothing

About Dirty Fur Clothing

Dirty Fur Clothing is an online retail store that sells dog clothing, dog accessories, dog harnesses & dog collars, dog beds & dog carriers, dog toys and dog furniture for small to medium sized dogs. We are dedicated to satisfying the online purchasing needs of doggie babies and mommies who love to treat their doggie baby as the individual they are.

Every dog hoodie, dog boots, dog shoes, dog shirts, dog sweaters, dog coats, dog dresses, dog jerseys, dog swimwear, dog pants & dog shorts, seasonal items for dog Halloween costumes, dog Christmas costumes and dog birthday costumes is hand selected for the discerning fashion savvy mommy you and your doggie baby are. Dog accessories includes: dog bandanas, dog scarves, dog hats, dog strollers and dog goggles (doggles); dog harnesses & dog collars are colorful and of great quality and backed by exceptional customer service.

Features and Benefits

Small dogs do not regulate their heat as well as larger dogs; wearing dog clothing helps them maintain their temperature. Dog hoodies are comfortable and has openings for the important tasks such as daily waste disposal.

Mommies will benefit from protect their doggie baby from the elements and support health by maintain the body temperature.

Dog Boots & Dog Shoes

Protect the doggie baby’s feet from cold weather, rain, mud, dirt and sharp objects. Mommies benefit from having a cleaner doggie baby and home without dirt being tracked throughout.

Dog Jerseys

Mommies can dress their doggie baby in the duds of their favorite team while protecting them against the elements and gives your doggie baby a unique look, while maintaining body temperature.

Dog Halloween Costumes, Dog Christmas Costumes and Dog Birthday Costumes

Mommies can dress their doggy baby in the colors of their favorite season or every season while protecting against the elements and gives your doggie baby a unique look, while maintaining body temperature.

Dog Bandanas, Dog Scarves, Dog Hats and Dog Goggles (Doggles)

Is it your doggie baby's birthday? Mommies can dress their doggie baby for any special occasion, the memories will last a lifetime.

Dog Strollers

Mommies take stroll for an enjoyable afternoon out, especially for doggie babies that are not long range or fast walkers. Spend more time with your doggie baby on a nice enjoyable walk.

Dog Harnesses & Dog Collars

Protect your doggie baby with a unique personalized look, while keeping them safe and restrained in a fashionable way.


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