Dog Games. Raising A Healthy Dog

Dоgѕ еnjоуіng playing, an active dog mіnd makes fоr a hарру dog. So whаt саn you dо to ѕtіmulаtе уоur dоgѕ mіnd?

You саn gіvе them a tоу such аѕ a kong ball (оr something similar) whеrе they hаvе trу tо figure out hоw tо get thе trеаt оut оf іt. You саn give thеm a ѕԛuеаkу toy which will kеер them іntеrеѕtеd as they trу tо kіll thе ѕԛuеаk. Mоѕt оf аll, dоgѕ lіkе playing gаmеѕ with their оwnеrѕ as it is a сhаnсе for thеm to please уоu and ѕhоw уоu hоw smart they аrе аnd make you рrоud! 

Thе fоllоwіng аrе ѕоmе gаmеѕ thаt уоu dog may еnjоу. 

Introducing a New Dog to Your Home

Bringing your furry friend to your humble abode is very exciting for you.  You’re bouncing off the walls because you’re so thrilled.  But, then you get nervous.  Your palms get sweaty.  You panic.  You say to yourself “How do I bring him into an unfamiliar house?  What do I do to make her relax and feel at ease?”  Fret not.  We’ve got you covered.

Quick Tips for First Time Dog Owners

So, you’re getting a new pet dog or puppy.  Congratulations! Here are a few quick tips you will find easy for new dog owners and their pet dog.  Whether it’s a small dog or a large dog or whatever dog breed your new friend is it does not matter.  These tips apply to all size dogs and dog breeds.

Choosing the Perfect Color Collar for Your Dog

Didn’t you know your doggie baby was a fashionista? Oh! You would definitely know if you got her a collar that doesn’t go well with her coat. Yes, we know that choosing the right color collar is tough. We have dogs too have shopped for dog accessories, it gets a bit overwhelming especially when you have to pick from so many colors and types of collars on the market. 

Why Dress Your Doggie Baby?

Regardless of the constant arguments amongst dog lovers as to whether it is appropriate to doll up your doggie baby in dog clothing or not, one thing all dog lovers would certainly agree on is that a doggie baby is a part of the home; a member of the family. So, if other members of the family need clothes to stay home warm, especially during the cold winter months, then what’s wrong with a little extra padding to help your doggie baby stay warm and protected too?

How to Care for Your Small Dog

Small dogs are the cutest pets in the world. Apart from being your best friend, they are also very easy to care for. If you have any dog breed that falls within the category of small dogs, like the Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terriers. Shi Tzu, Bichon Frise and several other breeds of small dogs, here are some few tips to help you care for them appropriately.