Tough & Durable Dog Chew Toys

Teething puppy or aging canine – cuddly Pitbull or standoffish poodle – playful terrier or serious shepherd — regardless of a dog's age, breed or personality, there's one thing all canines have in common: They love their chew toys. At Dirty Fur Clothing, we have dog chew toys for every chew preference and need. Each is made of durable, quality materials and is guaranteed to bring your pup hours of chewing bliss.

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Choosing the Best Chew Toy for Your Pooch  

Dogs chew for a variety of reasons, so it's important that you understand your pup's motivation before investing in a collection of durable dog chew toys. For instance, puppies chew because it helps the ease the pain of teething while high energy dogs chew out of boredom.

Anxious dogs chew because it helps soothe their anxiety, while those who suffer from separation anxiety may chew because they are unable to escape. Regardless of the reason, chewing can become an expensive habit as your dog gnaws up one household item after another. You can protect your favorite pair of sneakers and your wooden antique table from your pup's jowls by purchasing durable chew toys.

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    Your Go-To Source for Tough Dog Chew Toys

    When you first shop around for chew toys, you'll notice that no two are alike. At Dirty Fur Clothing, our inventory includes a chew toy for just about every preference. Some of the more common types of dog chew toys we sell include the following:

      • Dental chew toys
      • Cotton rope toys
      • Bone tug toys
      • KONG chew toys
      • Nylabone teething toys
      • Water chew toys

      In addition to considering your dog's chew preference, you should also consider the intended use of a toy before making the purchase. For instance, some toys are designed to float and are ideal for pool days, while others are meant to be thrown and are best for days at the park. Plush chew toys are best for downtime at home.

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      If you're in the market for quality, durable dog chew toys that will satiate your pup's desire to gnaw, shop our collection today. If you have questions regarding a product, feel free to contact us.


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