Dog Food Bowls: Ceramic & Elevated Bowls on Sale

Not all dog food bowls are created equal. They’re more than just a place to dump food and water. Many are created with a specific need or design in mind to aid you in caring for your furry family member in the best way possible. Whether your dog tends to eat too fast, is always spilling his food or often eats on the go, Dirty Fur Clothing has something for every dog.

Petkit digital dog bowl
Bella N Chaser's stainless steel dog bowl

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

If you have a dog that always seems to spill his meals, spill proof dog bowls like Bella N Chaser’s Double Diner Stainless Steel Bowls are the answer. You don’t have to clean up kibbles and water all day long, and your dog doesn’t have to lap it up off the floor. You might also look into the Petkit Eversweet Smart Fountain Waterer Dog Bowl. With its smart features, your dog has access to water when he needs it most, but it won’t just be sitting out waiting to be dumped. The rubber grips on the bottom keep it securely in place.

    Keeping the Dog Fed No Matter Where You Go

    Whether you regularly travel or just seem to be out and about when it’s mealtime, there’s no need to make your furry friend wait for a bite to eat. The Wallet Travel Pet Bowl folds up to a compact size that fits in your purse, backpack or glove compartment. When the dog needs to eat, simply unfold it and give him what he needs. With a waterproof interior, you can use it for both food and water.

    dog travel bowl
    heated dog bowl

    Other Interesting Designs

    Of course, at Dirty Fur Clothing, we have a variety of other designs as well. Need to keep your pet’s water thawed or the food warm? Try Farm Innovators Inc. Heated Round Pet Bowl. Want to disguise your furry friend’s bowl as another decoration in the corner of the room? Try one of our decorative dog ceramic bowls. Keep your dog’s food and water in place with slip-resistant elevated dog bowls. There’s something to suit the needs of every dog and dog owner. You just have to look!

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