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Dog Crates, Pads, Kennels, Cages & More

Choosing the right dog kennel is just as important a decision as choosing the right dog food or finding the right vet. Though many people forgo dog crates, the truth is that they're great pet accessories that serve multiple purposes. From providing your pup with a sense of security to assisting with house training to making travel easier, dog cages are multipurpose. Because they make life with a puppy so much less stressful, they also often serve to strengthen the bond between human and pet.

wooden dog crate
soft-sided dog crate

Types of Dog Crates for Sale

Not all kennels are created equal. Crates come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and many serve multiple purposes. At Dirty Fur Clothing, we want to make sure you can find the right cage for your dog's size and for your unique needs. To make this possible, we stock our shelves with a variety of types of dog cages:

    • Soft-sided crates
    • Wooden crates
    • Plastic crates
    • Metal dog pens
    • Fabric kennels

    In addition to dog crates themselves, we also carry a vast assortment of crate accessories. From comfortable dog pads to colorful crate covers, you can find everything you need to equip your pup with a cozy place to call his or her own.

    Find the Best Dog Kennel for Your Lifestyle

    When it comes to selecting the best crate for your needs, lifestyle and, most importantly, your dog, there are several considerations to make. For one, think about why you want a crate. Do you want to prevent your pooch from having accidents in the house while you're away? Do you hope to help ease your pup's separation anxiety symptoms? Do you want to create a space in which your furry friend can retire comfortably for the night? Whatever your reason for wanting a dog crate, look for one that is durable, easy to assemble and even easier to disassemble.

    plastic dog crate

    Shop Dog Crates Today

    If you recently adopted a furry family member, make sure you have everything you need to provide him or her with a comfortable and inviting new home. Shop our dog cages and other accessories today, or contact us with questions regarding specific items.


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