Dog Dresses

Transform your little princess into a bona fide ballerina with our loveable dog dresses. Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town or a cute photo shoot, these colorful dresses are guaranteed to turn heads. Give your dog her five minutes of fame as she struts down the sidewalk in style.

dog dresses
dog in yellow dress

Matching Styles for Incredible Chic

If you want to make an instant impression at parties, dress your dog with a style that matches your own. Whether you’re planning on going flirty, fun or elegant, we’ve got the right look for the occasion. From sleek styles to gorgeous dresses that look great with (faux) pearls, your dog can steal the show when it comes to being bold and beautiful.

Cute Dog Dresses for Everyday Errands

When you’re getting ready to go out and about, our adorable dresses are a smart way to keep your pet warm and stylish at the same time. Summer pastels from Parisian Pet give your special girl a bright appearance that’s perfect for trips to the beach or heading to the mall.

dog in dress with bow
dog in party dress

Breathtaking Outfits That Make Your Heart Melt

Print dresses with tender bows instantly make you want to cover your dog with kisses. Our collection of colorful Pup Crew dresses are guaranteed to endear your little princess to everyone around you. At Dirty Fur Clothing, we know you love to give your pet lots of affection, which is why we create outfits that are so irresistibly cute.

Dog Fashion Just for Fun

If you’re in the mood for fun family photos with your dog, make sure to pick out a colorful dog tutu or dress first. Special occasions are even more special when your pet is wearing a gorgeous outfit, and those are moments you never want to forget. Our amazing dog dresses also make excellent gifts for other pet lovers.

From styles designed for tiny puppies to pretty-in-pink outfits for grown dogs, it’s easy to find something that touches the heart of any owner. If you need help finding a specific dress style or another fashion accessory, contact our helpful Dirty Fur Clothing team for help.


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