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Taking care of a dog isn’t about giving your pet an unlimited amount of cheap food. It’s about ensuring your furry friend has the right kind of food and is taken care of so he can always remain in the best of health. At
Dirty Fur Clothing, our dog food is top notch. As pet owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to cater to the needs of each specific canine when it comes to meal time.

dog food top brands and low prices
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Why Healthy Foods Matter

Just like his human family members, what your dog puts into his body will determine a lot about the lifestyle he is able to live. When you offer your pup healthy foods, he will have the energy needed to exercise and play as he should. Healthy foods help keep his mind keen and his body physically healthy. You may avoid unnecessary trips to the vet with a healthy dog diet because he’ll have the nutrients to fight off disease on his own.

    The Brands We Carry

    At Dirty Fur Clothing, we carry a variety of the top pet food brands you have come to love for your dog. This includes Petguard, Triumph Pet Industries, Canidae, Dogswell, The Honest Kitchen, Newman’s Own Organics, Replenish Pet Inc. and more. Dogs all have different tastes and they all have different needs, which is why we offer such a wide variety of healthy products.

    If you have multiple dogs and they each require a different diet, you can get everything you need in one place. Choose from grain-free or whole grain, organic or vegetarian foods. We’ve got food by the case, the can or the bag. Whether your dog prefers or requires turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes or beef, our dog food pulls through every time. 

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    Big Dog, Little Dog

    Depending on the stage of life your canine is in, you will more than likely need a different type of food. Our products begin with puppy-safe food, packed with the nutrients those quick-growing little pups need to develop correctly. We then have pet food specifically for adult dogs, giving them the nutritional energy to stay active and healthy. For senior dogs, even those with health problems, we have a range of foods with limited ingredients to keep them feeling healthy and strong as long as possible.

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