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At Dirty Fur Clothing, we consider every need your dog has. Sometimes Fido just wants to cuddle up on your lap while you watch a movie together or listen to the rain outside. Rather than making him run and leap up onto the couch, we have dog furniture that will assist Fido in getting where he’s most comfortable. Whether you’ve got a small dog with little legs or any other size dog with aging joints, dog step stairs are a product you can’t pass up.

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Convenience in Dog Stairs

Whether you are looking for a dog ramp, stairs or other type of furniture, our products offer the convenience you wouldn’t expect. The Easy Step II Pet Stairs come in a variety of colors to match all your home décor. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use. The removable carpet pieces allow for quick and easy cleaning, and the rubber grips keep the stairs securely in place for small and large dogs to safely get up on beds, couches and chairs.

The Smooth Steps Folding Pet Stairs offer another convenient feature with the folding ability. It can be laid flat for dogs that don’t need quite so much assistance, and folded for those that need a little more. If you’ve got a real small dog trying to get somewhere quite high, stack a folded stair on top of a flat stair. The textured bottom keeps them securely in place so your pup is always safe while heading up the stairs.

    Order Your Dog Stairs Today

    Dog step stairs don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb in your living room. With different colors and designs, Fido can easily get where he needs to go without hindering the style of your home. Check out our options today and contact Dirty Fur Clothing to have your questions answered or to place your order.


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