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Good health is important to keep your loyal pet happy and energetic. Make sure your dog stays protected from biting bugs such as fleas and ticks with collars that are easy to use and attractive. Our dog health products let canines enjoy the outdoors year round without worry.

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Why Flea and Tick Protection Matters for Your Dog

Going for a walk with your dog is special for both of you. Unfortunately, any time pets go outdoors, biting bugs such as ticks and fleas are ready to pounce. Prevent health problems by equipping a flea and tick collar first:

Skin and coat health: If you’ve ever noticed dogs scratching their ears desperately or biting their skin, chances are that fleas are responsible. Fleas aren’t fun for pets or their owners. To prevent allergies and other coat problems, it’s important to get rid of them ASAP.

Freedom: Your dog deserves to be free and have fun. Canines of all ages love to roam their yard and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors. Make sure they’re protected 24/7 from irritating pets.

Disease prevention: Ticks can transmit several diseases to canines. Wide open spaces are heaven for dogs, but tall grass is the perfect hiding spot for ticks. Total tick elimination makes a big difference for dog health and wellbeing.

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The Best Way To Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks: Dog Health Products for Defense

Tick and flea collars take care of biting insects through prevention and elimination:

Flea and tick annihilation: These dog collars release special chemicals that kill fleas and ticks on contact. This is stellar for prevention and for wiping out existing fleas and ticks on dogs.

Repellent action for fleas, ticks and mosquitos: Besides decimating any fleas and ticks that dare to go near your dog, flea collars also repel insects from getting too close.

Invasion protection: Many of our flea collars kill eggs in addition to parent parasites, which is important for preventing the spread of biting insects to the home. That way your dogs stay happy and cozy indoors. 

Best of all, our high-quality flea and tick collars are designed with dog comfort in mind. They slide on effortlessly and adapt to canines of all sizes, providing protection for months at a time.

    Take Care of Every Aspect of Canine Health

    At Dirty Fur Clothing, we know that your dog’s happiness is important to you. Our full range of dog health products takes care of disease prevention, nutrient care and other pet essentials. For personalized recommendations, contact our helpful team right away. 


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