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Dog Leashes & Harnesses 

Dogs are curious by nature, and that curiosity can get them into trouble. Placing your pet on a leash is a way of showing you love them. Our canine-friendly models are comfy yet firm, offering just the right fit for inquisitive pups and fun-loving adult dogs.

dog leashes and harnesses
two frenchie's in harnesses

Take Care of Your Dog With the Perfect Leash or Harness

Non dog owners sometimes think that leashes are a bad thing, but pet lovers know the truth: dog leashes are there to keep your best friend safe. Our high-quality dog harnesses provide good control for pet safety but also give your dog significant mobility so they can have fun too.

    Find the Right Style for You and Your Dog  

    Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. The ideal harness and leash depends on their age, energy level and favorite activities. Here are a few ideas:

    Retractable dog leashes for freedom: These versatile accessories give you total control over doggie distance. If you’re in a part with plenty of room to roam, you can let the leash out a ways so dogs can explore. When it’s time to go, keep you canine closer to home by retracting the leash.

    Cute styles for adorable dogs: Highlight your pet’s personality with colorful leashes. Keep your best friend by your side during the big game with NFL-themed leashes, or take your little princess for a spin with a high-quality floral nylon leash.

    Comfy harnesses: The perfect harness is tight enough to prevent escapes but loose enough so dogs stay comfortable. Harnesses are gentle on pups and let short-nosed dogs breathe easier. For maximum comfort in the case of older pets, choose vest-type dog harnesses with an easy tension leash that doesn’t yank on them.

    Reflective safety gear for evening walks: If you like taking your dog out and about in the evening, early morning or during overcast weather, pick a reflective safety harness. This special material lets drivers see your dog easily and avoid accidents.

    All-terrain harnesses for adventure: Does your lifestyle include surfing, biking, hiking or more extreme adventures? Take canine companions along for the ride with a combination backpack and compression harness.

    Hands-free leashes: Going for a jog is a breeze with hands-free leashes that slip around your waist. Great for dogs that tend to behave themselves, these effortless leashes keep you both close together while letting you listen to your favorite tunes or push a baby stroller. 

    Find Everything You Need for Amazing Memories Together 

    With the right pet gear, you can go anywhere with your dog. To discover other amazing accessories or more information, contact our Dirty Fur Clothing pros for instant assistance.


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