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As a member of your family, Old Rover deserves the same protection you’d give to yourself, a child or another loved one. When you head out to sea, or even just to the beach, dog life vests are a must if you wish to protect your furry family member. At Dirty Fur Clothing, we’ve got the products your dog won’t be able to chew his way out of, ensuring safety every time you hit the water.

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Safety Features

Some safety features that both the Helios and Paws Aboard dog flotation vests have include:

    • Reflective Features – Whether that’s reflective weaving or reflective strips, you’ll be able to find your pup whether it’s day or night.
    • Adjustable Straps – Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so to ensure the right fit that will protect your dog, the straps must be adjustable.
    • Quick-Release Buckles – Though the buckles are secure, they quickly and gently release your dog, should you find him frantic to get out of the life vest.
    • Grab Handles – In case of emergency, each life vest features a grab handle that allows either a boat hook or your own hand to easily pick the dog out of the water.

    As with anything, it’s important you and your dog practice safety around the water, with the life vest as an added protection.

    Getting Your Dog Used to the Vest

    Your pooch may not like the safety vest the first time you put it on, so be sure you get him used to it ahead of time. You could start by putting it on the ground where he can sniff it and explore it. Next, gently and loosely slip the vest on so he begins to understand it’s something he should wear. Slowly tighten it until it’s secure. Let him walk around with it on so he gets an idea of how it feels.

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      Order Your Dog’s Life Vest Today

      Dog life vests are essential if you spend any time out on the water with your furry friend. For help in ordering the right flotation vest for your dog, contact Dirty Fur Clothing today.


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