Dog Potty Training Products: Pads, Bags, Scoops

Just like potty training a child, potty training a dog is not for the faint of heart. There will be messes, frustrations and successes. The important part is to be patient through the messes and frustrations and to praise every success. When this happens, your little pup will feel accomplished and encouraged to keep doing it the right way. To aid you in the process, Dirty Fur Clothing has everything from dog potty pads to other essential dog potty training supplies.

dog potty training dog on wee wee pad
dog wee-wee pads

Getting the Job Done Right

When you embark on dog potty training, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the process run more smoothly.

  • Create Consistency – You should start training your furry friend by creating a consistent routine. Feed him at the same times and place each day. Take him for a walk at the same times each day. Kennel train him at the same times and place each day. With a routine, he’ll begin to see that everything has a time and a place, which should begin to make sense in regards to going potty as well.
  • Collect Supplies – You’ll want to have the right supplies on hand when training your dog. For example, dog potty bags such as the Wee Wee Easy-Tie Disposable Doggie Doo Bags are perfect for when you’re away from home and away from your routine. You should still try to stick with the routine, but when accidents happen away from home, it’s nice to have these on hand.
  • Celebrate Success – When your dog pees in the right spot, such as on your Four Paws dog grass pads, get excited, possibly rewarding him with a treat. When he waits by the door so he can relieve himself outside, celebrate with a new toy or an extended period of playtime. Dogs are like people in that positive reinforcement can do wonders.

Let’s Get Training

At Dirty Fur Clothing, we are ready to help you start training your dog. With dog potty scoops, absorbent pads, waste bags and more, we make the potty training process run more smoothly. Check out our supplies or contact us at support@dirtyfurclothing.com and let’s get training!


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