Dog Shirts

It’s true that dog shirts are a great way to take care of your pet. They keep dogs warm, provide protection from biting insects and help canines avoid allergies. Let’s face it, though — the real reason you’re looking for canine tops is because they make your dog look downright adorable. Check out some of our personal faves:

dog in Hawaiian shirt
dog in colorful Hawaiian shirt

Hot Summer Styles

Dogs sporting a colorful Hawaiian shirt are irresistibly cute. Laid-back summer styles are perfect for dogs looking to relax, and they have the makings for great Instagram pics. Our huge variety of colors makes it easy to find amazing shirts that match your dog’s coat.

Cool Fall and Winter Gear

When it starts to get cold outside, dogs appreciate having something warm to wear. The right dog tops say a ton about your pup’s personality, especially when they have cute images and hip slogans. From polos to hoodies, our dog clothes adapt to the cold and make a big impression at the same time.

dog in pineapple shirt
I Woof U dog shirt

Hilarious Dog Shirts

Now your dog can make you laugh in more ways than one. Some styles are inherently funny when paired with your dog’s unique personality (like a “Hard at Work” shirt for pets who tend to sleep most of the time). Others get you to grin with comical dog-related jokes. All of our styles surround your dog with smiles and love.

Chic Canine Fashion

When it’s time to party, there’s no reason dogs can’t go dressed to the nines. Elegant dresses and spiffy polos are playful and fashionable. If you’re invited to a ball, we also have tons of dog costume options for dressing up canines.

dog in anchor printed shirt

Find Adorable Dog Tops for Every Size and Occasion

Cute dog shirts are great for little puppies and big dogs alike. At Dirty Fur Clothing, we carry tons of styles in stock to help you find the right fit. Most orders are shipped within 48–72 hours, so you can get the perfect outfit for special occasions even if you’re in a hurry. Check out our styles right away, and contact us if you need any help!


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