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Everyone knows play time is the best time, and for a dog that means more than just having fun. Play time for your canine can benefit him physically, mentally and behaviorally. If you’re looking for some dog toys that can do that for your pup, you have come to the right place. At Dirty Fur Clothing, we’ve got something exciting for every dog in your life.

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The Benefits of Dog Toys

Dog toys go beyond the fun factor to bring your furry friend some major benefits. These include:

  • Mental Stimulation – Your dog needs mental stimulation to give him purpose, to alleviate boredom and to keep him out of trouble. Mental exercise can help him sleep better and behave better.
  • Physical Exercise – Dogs are much the same as humans in that they need physical exercise to stay healthy. They too can suffer heart disease, diabetes and other similar diseases. To avoid these situations, they need regular physical exercise accompanied by a healthy diet.
  • Good Behavior – Dogs like to chew. They will chew on your slippers, your couch, your rugs and anything else that’s convenient. You see this as bad behavior, but they see it as a need. Give them a toy to chew on instead and that’ll solve the problem!
  • Behavior Modification – If you’ve ever trained a dog before, you know they love to do something in return for a reward. Toys like the Stuff-a-Ball Treat Toy allow you to put a reward inside the toy so when your dog does something good, they can work for the treat inside the ball.

Some Popular Products

Some of our most popular puppy toys are our Chuckit! products. Choose from the glow-in-the-dark Kick Fetch to the Fumble Fetch Ball. Our puppy customers also love the Ethical Dog Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap for a good dose of mental stimulation and behavior modification, as well as the Petstages Hide-a-Hedgie Puzzle Plush. Of course most dogs like a good chew tugger, squeaker or jute and rope toy as well, giving them something to gnaw on when they just need a good chomp.

dog tug toy

Contact Us With Questions

If you’re wondering what the best toy would be for your dog, we may not know exactly because we have never met your pup, but we’d love to give you our best recommendations. As dog owners ourselves, we understand the needs that dogs have. Contact Dirty Fur Clothing today at support@dirtyfurclothing.com and let us help you with your order of puppy toys today.


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