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Dog Treats, Chews & Snacks 

Give your favorite pet the love it deserves with tasty and healthy dog treats. Our 100% natural chews, snacks and treats get dogs of all ages excited, from energetic puppies to loyal companions. Share the love, reinforce good behavior and take great care of your canine at the same time.

dog treats - dog licking lips
dog laying in lots of treats

Why Dogs Love Treats

The best way to your dog’s heart is through its stomach. Dog treats create a special link between you and your best friend:

    • Rewards for good behavior 
    • Treats just to say “I love you” 
    • Healthy snacks in between mealtimes 
    • Chewy foods that promote good dental health 
    • Opportunities to build a strong emotional bond with your dog 

    Find Your Pet’s Favorite Dog Snacks

    Healthy snacks: Part of treating your dog to tasty snacks means helping them stay happy and healthy. Puppies benefit from bone- and muscle-building vitamins, while older dogs enjoy treats that provide pain relief for sore joints, such as Golden’s Spark bee treats and Buckley Hip & Joint Jerky snacks.

    High-quality ingredients: Humans benefit from a healthy diet, and dogs are no different. Take amazing care of your pet’s health with natural products such as Castor & Pollux organic dog cookies. With organic free range chicken, peanut butter, cheddar cheese and other irresistible ingredients, dogs are delighted and you can feel good too.

    Slimming natural treats: If you’re worried about your pet putting on extra pounds, choose one of our delicious low-calorie options. That way you build a close bond without adding to your dog’s tummy. Fruitables dog treats are packed with flavor, but not with fat. Each snack has only nine calories and is made with natural ingredients such as fresh pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, oatmeal and potatoes.

    Tasty jerky: No dog can resist real jerky. Castor & Pollux Good Buddy Jerky features thick jerky that canines adore. For venison lovers, I And Love And You jerky uses a 95% meat recipe made with free-range venison and lamb.

    Stress-relieving dog chews: Munching on jerky and eating crunchy dog cookies is something your pet enjoys on multiple levels. Not only do they send your dog’s taste buds to heaven, they also help reduce stress. This is awesome for smaller canines with a jittery personality, and even larger dogs are happier with something to chew on.

    Safe treats for food-sensitive dogs: With 100% gluten-free and grain-free snacks, dogs with specific sensitivities have nothing to worry about. Our amazing products always translate into happy smiles. 

    Everything for Your Best Friend in One Easy Place 

    At Dirty Fur Clothing, we love dogs more than anything in the world, and we know you do too. If you need help finding something specific to keep your canine happy and healthy, contact us right away for assistance.


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